Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some insights on Stroll's founding and growth

If you've been following Stroll in the news lately, you might have seen some articles covering our founding and growth. The stories take me back to some of the most poignant days of my professional life -- the tough decisions, the new discoveries, the exhilaration and fear of carving a fresh path. I wanted to highlight a few of those news articles on our blog, because I thought they included many insights that are relevant to the hypergrowth story we've been cataloging here.

First, syndicated columnist Mildred L. Culp wrote about how I started Stroll from my college dorm room. She included some of the factors that bolstered the company through those challenging start-up years, and how we overcame some major financial challenges.

In addition, the editors of Technically Philly covered some of our more recent growth. They wrote about Stroll team's reaching 170 employees, and recapped some of our other growth metrics.

And finally, the Philadelphia Business Journal featured Stroll and me in its CEO File section. The article captures a snapshot of Stroll and some of my experiences and philosophies that have helped guide the business to the company it is today.

The press coverage is flattering, and I'm honored to provide insights on how the company has developed over the past decade. I hope these articles are useful to you as you follow the posts we're publishing on our blog.

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